Steele Studio

Steele Studio is an Interior designer based in Cornwall. Covering an array of design practices; from Interior Design to Landscaping all the way into the more detail work of branding to bespoke pieces. Providing a personal 1-2-1 experience. Designing with a sustainable conscious and leading with a purpose to make people think more about the space around them.


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As human beings, we are increasingly becoming more conscious of how sustainable we are, how we source and consume design. As a designer , I want to be able to think ‘greener’ when it comes to producing a new idea. As sustainability is the future. Ideas that can either reduce our carbon footprint, that is ethically sourced and or works efficiently with nature, not against it. I see myself as an interior architect, as you are preserving the history of a building and highlighting its own uniqueness. Creating a light touch within my design is how I strive for a more meaningful purpose in design and with a beautiful message behind the aesthetic and well as the structural integrity of the existing building. This light touch comes from the influences of the philosophy , Zen - Where less is more.